Record and share your journey with the world's most knowledgable tour guide

Journey Pal

Uncover real history of the world around you. With encyclopedic information for over a million global locations, you'll be amazed at the wealth of hidden information around you.Journey Pal enables you to discover the world from your phone, save your discoveries and share them with the world.Download Free Now

Global Audio Tour Guide

Journey Pal's roaming mode uses the user's location to provide a free audio tour for wherever they are. Journey Pal is the world's most knowledgable tour guide with the convenience of a mobile application.

Great for discovering the hidden history of almost any location.Download Free Now

Explore by location

Journey Pal lets users disover locations by scrolling through a map or searching through text. This lets you discover things you never knew existed. Or helps you learn about whatever previously nameless monument, temple or historic site you walk past.

Available In Nine Different Languages

Journey Pal is available in English, Chinese, Polish, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Spanish. If you're ever hosting a friend from afar, perhaps Journey Pal can help.

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Record And Share Your Journey

Journey Pal lets you record any locations you've been close enough to visit. This lets users create an authentic record of their journeys that they can revisit any time. You can then share these discoveries with your friends or learn more about where other users have been.

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Local Recommendations

In a new city recommendations from locals can be invaluable. But often there can be a language barrier. Brochures, flyers and maps can run out or be lost.Journey Pal lets users create lists of locations that can be shared and saved through our app. Make a tour once, share it as many times as you need.

Perhaps you manage a Hotel, Airbnb or Hostel. Maybe you're a tour guide or you'd just like to share tours with your friends. We want to work with you.The flyers below are free to print and provide a QR code to download our app.If we can improve your experience or you have any feedback or requests please feel free to contact us at

Alternatively you can also reach out in the form below.


Journey Pal is a new and evolving project, you can keep in touch with the latest developments or contact the development team through the instagram link below

Alternatively the development team is available at: info@journeypal.appDownload Free Now

Control your privacy

Journey Pal let's you decide who sees where you've been and when. Maybe you're a famous travel vlogger who wants to share their journey with the world. Maybe you'd rather no one knew, either way Journey Pal has you covered.

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Request Account Deletion

Creating an account in Journey Pal is optional, and you can delete your account and all associated data through functionality in app.However, you may also request account deletion through the following form below. Please enter information such as email, name or information in the message section that would help identify you. A follow up email to the account's email address may be used to verify the authenticity of the request.